Brad Castleberry Biography, Age, Fake, Weights, Height, Net Worth

If you are into the fitness industry or check it regularly, you should know about Brad Castleberry. He is one of the most talked about social media individuals in terms of bodybuilding field. He is a powerlifter who posts short footage of his workout with a massive amount of weight. The man is claimed to be a former football player too. He gets numerous hate comments on social platforms. The athlete got into the professional bodybuilding world as soon as he passed 20.

Brad Castleberry Biography

Everything About Brad Castleberry

Brad Castleberry Workout

Since he was a junior version of Brad, he had a soft place for the gym. His father and grandfather both used to be fitness enthusiasts. Brad Castleberry was intrigued by them to attend the powerhouse at a young age. At first, he exercised in his territory and garages of his friends. Then he got to the actual place for body maintainers when he was 16 years old. Brad was one of the youngest guys who achieved the gym membership in his area. Lifting around three years, the social media guy participated in a bodybuilding competition. After his first contest, Mr. Castleberry went to many more but realized the field is not a suitable one for him. He started to play for his college football team although he was not familiar with it even during school.

Brad Castleberry Fake Weights/Brad Castleberry Fake

As you may already know, Brad Castleberry is known for posting short videos of him lifting unbelievable numbers of weight plates. He often does the task. The weight lifter uses a heavyweight to do the workout of squat and deadlift. He makes a record and then breaks his achievement. A rumor was there for a while that those weight plates are fake. There are indeed fake weight plates available on the market. They are round in most cases. Brad is seen exercising with hex type plates. He stated that the claim is wrong and ‘humorous.’

Brad Castleberry Height

In the bodybuilding, weightlifting and powerlifting field, there are only a few guys who are blessed with a ripped body as well as the decent height and weight. No matter how many haters are there to spread hatred toward him, they also admit Brad Castleberry is one of them. His weight range is 111.1 – 115.7 kg. It is undoubtedly an ideal weight to be a great weight lifter. On the other side, Brad Castleberry is 5 feet and 10 inches tall. Again it may not be the best height, but it does what Castleberry wants pretty well. According to the Instagram fitness star, his top record of the squat was done with more than 750lbs of weight.

Brad Castleberry Age

The Canadian physique star was born on June 10, 1989, in the state of Canada. He is over 34 years old, calculated in September 2019. Brad is in the fitness division for a while and got more hate than he expected at the start for sure. However, he didn’t pay attention to every single hatred. For this reason, the guy is still rocking even though he passed his not-so-young age. When you are a guy of 35 years old, you know that maintaining a muscular physique is not an effortless task. Brad Castleberry made body training his passion and worked hard to keep the shredded shape.

Brad Castleberry NFL

Website of Brad Castleberry once claimed that the guy went to two NFL combines. It’s not a trustworthy statement. The claim became more vulnerable than before when the information was removed from his website. If Brad participated in two combines (which is, of course, unusual), what is the necessity to remove this accomplishment from the webpage? One more data that will make you feel that Brad never participated in the NFL is his statistics of college. According to the bodybuilder, he completed the NFL combine before his college. For Palomar Community College, Brad played four matches only. He got four receptions per 5 yards. His tackles were only two. This kind of stats doesn’t send you an invite from the National Football League perhaps.

Brad Castleberry Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw, an American professional competitor of Strongman who won the strongest man title loads of times, called out Brad Castleberry some months back. The giant man Brian tagged Brad in one of his workout footages and asked him to complete a specific exercise challenge of lifting in the same place. Also, Mr. Shaw said that Brad would gain his lost respect back by doing so. Brad Castleberry surprisingly replied on the post, appreciating Brian’s workout, and accepting the challenge. As most of the sources say, Brad never really showed up in a workout session with Brian. It is another reason why people have trust issues with Brad Castleberry.

Brad Castleberry Net Worth

Mr. Castleberry may not be the most appreciated pro weightlifter, but you can’t deny that the guy earns a handsome amount of bucks. The fitness expert is a sensational bodybuilding personality on Instagram. Brad created a YouTube channel a few months back. It currently holds more than 49,000 subscribers. According to Social Blade, his channel has a yearly earning of over $6000. He has a website where his training programs are present. Products like merch and nutritional foods are available there. Overall, the estimated net worth of Brad Castleberry is near 1 million.

Brad Castleberry Instagram

Brad Castleberry is an Instagram based bodybuilder with @bradcastleberry as his Instagram handle. He achieved the highest number of followers on Instagram out of other social websites. His bio contains contact information and a glimpse of his record in the field of powerlifting. People still mock the fitness trainer on Instagram, saying names related to the term ‘fake.’ Brad even replies to comments of random people sometimes. Mr. Castleberry uploads pictures of his shredded body. In terms of footage, he prefers to share video records of him doing a heavyweight workout.

Quick Facts About Brad Castleberry

  • Involved in various controversies regarding workout throughout his career
  • Claims that he took part in the National Football League
  • Lifts more than 750 pounds of weight
  • Obtained gym membership at a young age
  • Inspired by his grandfather and father
  • Founder of Castleberry Nutrition
  • Has a clothing business related to workout
  • Participated in Muscle Mania
  • Pays extra attention to stretching
  • Goes to the gym six times every week

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