Caroline Sartorius Biography, Family, Age, Height, Education, Net Worth

Caroline Sartorius is the elder sibling sister (step) of the famous American teen singer and social media sensation Jacob Sartorius. Caroline is a contributor to the art industry, loves visiting new places and exploring them. She is a humanitarian who loves to stand by underprivileged people whenever there is a chance. Caroline grew up in Virginia, a southeastern state of the United States with her parents.

Caroline Sartorius Biography

Everything About Caroline Sartorius

Caroline Sartorius Age/How Old Is Caroline Sartorius

Reports regarding the birthplace of Caroline Sartorius are many. However, Oklahoma seems to be the most valid one. The Instagram sensation was born on 28 May 1997. Caroline is American where her ethnic background is white as per reliable sources. Caroline Sartorius is a little more than 26 years old as of the middle of September 2023. At a not-so-old age, the girl is a well-known individual among social communication sites.

Caroline Sartorius Phone Number

You will fail to find an authentic phone number of Caroline Sartorius on the internet database. She was never a part of any TV show, movie, radio program or modeling photo session. As a consequence, sites like Celebrities Phones, Celebrity-Cell, and Owler don’t contain the phone number of Instagram star Caroline Sartorius. Nevertheless, the girl is available on the famous social handle Instagram. She opened a Twitter account. Perhaps Caroline is not interested in tweeting because that account is inactive.

Caroline Sartorius And Jacob Sartorius

Ms. Sartorius is the sibling stepsister of a famous internet personality and part-time singer named Jacob Sartorius. Her brother has more fame than Caroline. It’s because of one of Jacob’s vines about bullying in an educational institution. Jacob Sartorius had a rough school life as he was bullied and abused by a specific group of students. The vine was viral footage at that time. But it didn’t have adequate strength to stop school bullying. Jacob started to take anti-depression pills when he was only 11 years old. Caroline has a good relationship with his brother. According to his brother Jacob, Caroline Sartorius is the most beautiful girl in the world.

Caroline Sartorius Instagram

Caroline is one of those girls who prefers to keep his Instagram up to date with recent activities. She is a big admirer of flowers. Her Instagram feature section is filled with beautiful pictures of flowers. She also included some artistic images in the featured photos. As of September 2019, Ms. Sartorius keeps her bio section empty (which may be another element of art?). Caroline often uploads images of herself and Jacob Sartorius. There are a few family portraits too. Mostly Caroline keeps her Instagram feed filled with photos of herself and her friends together.

Caroline Sartorius Net Worth

The net worth of Caroline Sartorius is a mystery as she ignores the media. She doesn’t share her personal life at all within the social platforms she uses. For this reason, most of the web pages fail to submit authentic net worth of Caroline Sartorius. Nevertheless, Caroline is doing a reputed job and donates to organizations which deal with women empowerment. She achieved the Daily Point Award for a remarkable contribution to the Dominican Republic Project. Caroline Sartorius aided to raise more than $9,000 for it.

Jacob Sartorius Adopted/Caroline Sartorius Brother Adopted

Yes, that may seem hard data to digest, but the handsome brother of Caroline was raised by her parents who used to live in Virginia. Speaking of his actual father and mother, no source could provide trustworthy information. It is known that they were facing challenging financial issues. As a result, they couldn’t look after Jacob Sartorius as required. They placed sweet little Jacob on the adoption list, and a couple took him home.

Caroline Sartorius Height

The elder sister of a well known Instagram celebrity and singer has an attractive height. Caroline is 5 feet, three and half an inch tall. For a female person, the height is quite impressive. Body measurement is not revealed for now. Beside it, Caroline is a slim woman who has vegetable foods preference more than non vegetable dishes. Thereby she is maintaining a weight of 56 Kg approximately at present. She has a mesmerizing pair of blue eyes. Her hair color is brown.

Caroline Sartorius Parents

From the adoption story of her stepbrother, you already realized that the parents of Caroline Sartorius are kind people. They raised Caroline in Reston, Virginia. Her father’s name is Rolf Sartorius. Jacob has the ‘Rolf’ in his name as well. It came from the grandfather of Caroline. Her father is self-employed with a consulting firm of social impact. Mother of Caroline Sartorius is named Pat Sartorius who is a housewife as of now. The Instagram star maintains a good relationship with her family, including Jacob Sartorius.

Caroline Sartorius Education

The sister of the popular youngster was a talented person since she was a junior Caroline. Ms. Sartorius was only 8-10 years old when she joined his school team of cross country running. After participating in several events, she realized her passion for this particular field. Caroline used to be a popular cross country running girl of South Lakes High School. Her school is in Reston, Virginia. However, things didn’t go as planned after getting into varsity. She led a busy life as she was one of the toppers. Her excellent result got her to the University of Virginia from Wake Forest University.

Caroline Sartorius Boyfriend

Caroline is extra secretive when it comes to the topic of her boyfriend. The stepsister of Jacob doesn’t post couple pictures like typically engaged girls. Apart from that, Caroline posted an image of her with a gentleman claiming to be her boyfriend on December 28, 2017.

Quick Facts About Caroline Sartorius

  • She is the step-sibling of famous teen YouTuber Jacob Sartorius
  • Jacob pranks Caroline in many of his videos
  • Caroline Sartorius is a social worker who empowers women
  • She prefers to match her cloth with particular surroundings
  • For Jacob, his stepsister is the most beautiful woman
  • Caroline traveled to numerous countries including Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico, and France
  • She is not scared to skydive
  • Has near 400000 followers on Instagram
  • Caroline has a soft place for art
  • She used to an active vine user

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