Demetria Obilor Biography, Family, Age, Height, & Net Worth

Demetria Obilor is a well-known traffic ensemble host and journalist working for WFAA where she joined two years ago. Demetria came to the spotlight by responding to body shaming positively in 2017 on her Facebook handle. People call her ‘Traffic Bae’ too.

Demetria Obilor Biography

Everything About Demetria Obilor

Demetria Obilor Bikini

It’s easy to tell that the TV personality may be a fan of bikinis as she can raise her loud voice to body shaming. However, she doesn’t upload much of her bikini suit photos. Her hectic work schedule might be the logic behind it.

Demetria Obilor Dallas

She is working in Dallas at Channel 8 and also exploring the dazzling places of the state. You are a lucky fan of her if you are one of the residents in Dallas. The host is engaged to the WFAA daybreak as of September 2019.

Demetria Obilor Husband

Demetria indeed made fun about her engagement and soon to be husband. Nonetheless, it was limited to that prank only because she doesn’t even have a boyfriend or partner right now. The reporter is single and busy reporting traffic updates in reputed tv networks.

Is Demetria Obilor Engaged?

No, you are fortunate enough that the beautiful tv anchor is not engaged to a man as of present time. She did some dark pranks on her fans in 2017 claiming she got engaged to someone with six rings of the diamond (seriously?). Demetria was quick to confess that all she did was nothing but a prank.

Demetria Obilor Age/Demetria Obilor Birthdate

Demetria Obilor was born in the United States on 29 March 1991 with mixed ethnicity. At the age of only 28, she is a young, passionate and successful reporter of WFAA TV. This individual should be an idol for people who are afraid to pursue their dreams of entering into the journalism industry.

Demetria Obilor Net Worth

Demetria indeed acquired a safe place for her in the best traffic journalist list with her fantastic work rate and passion. It results in eye-catchy net worth. According to reliable sources, the estimated net worth of the nationally recognized tv star is more than $200 thousand. Every year, Demetria receives up to $83 thousand as salary from her jobs.

Demetria Obilor Nude

The TV sensation was never shameful about her overweight body. She did cut a bunch of weights from her body lately. Nonetheless, the woman is not on the side of sharing nude images of her on the internet. She never posted a single nude snapshot of her body in any place. Some fake sites contain hoax content.

Demetria Obilor Instagram

Among her social accounts, the traffic anchor is fond of Instagram most. People on Instagram are into Demetria Obilor as well because of her empowering posts and thoughts. If you want to check her social platform out, you may need her id which is @demetriaobilor.

Demetria Obilor Biography

If you are keen on reading biographies of Demetria, you can search the query on a search engine. On the virtual database, the famous personality has a bunch of biography pages. Also, her website delivers you clear information about her career and all that. From one of her bio pages, it is said that the TV star began her career as a production technician.

Demetria Obilor Website

The television personality owns a website to decorate vital elements for fans and media. It’s a friendly designed web page with beautiful pictures of the sensation on the first page. The web platform also has a short biography of the journalist as well as her social account links. After visiting it, you will know that Demetria even created a YouTube channel and uploaded a few videos.

Demetria Obilor Twitter

Though surely the ensemble worker is a super busy individual at times, she is quite active on twitter. She joined on the leading social platform in 2010. On numerous occasions, the celebrity keeps her twitter updated with short footage from her traffic anchoring jobs. Demetria has enough sense of humor to joke about things on twitter.

Demetria Obilor Weight Loss

Losing the unwanted heaviness of the body is never an effortless task. The TV host is still lifting and squatting regularly to lose more weight than she has ever done. She posts gym pictures often on her social media handles. Demetria posted one of her workout videos recently on Instagram. She reduced her weight to approximately 62 kg.

Demetria Obilor Brother

Demetria Obilor has a younger male sibling named Uzoma Obilor. Surprisingly, her brother has more fame on the internet compared to the tv traffic reporting journalist. More than 7,00,000 followers on Instagram proves it. Uzoma used to be a gamer. Now the young sensation is a professional physique athlete with achievements like the top place in IFBB Pro Circuit.

Demetria Obilor Wfaa

WFAA is a digital and virtual channel eight that has affiliation with ABC network. It contains a license to run in Dallas, Texas, United States. Demetria Obilor is the reporter and anchor of traffic for the organization. Currently, the beautiful woman is working in the WFAA daybreak group.

Demetria Obilor No Makeup

The TV broadcaster is not afraid to share her photos with zero makeup. She even goes to public wearing no makeup at all several times. If you are following one of Demetria’s social accounts, you may often notice that she uploads snapshots of her natural look. People appreciate the courage of the TV celebrity quite well.

Demetria Obilor New Job

Demetria Obilor is a famous TV news reporter, which is the reason many reputed companies want to hire her. She moved to a new job from 8 News Now/channel eight about two years ago. The journalist is currently working for Channel 8 ABC Dallas as the chief traffic anchor. She made her coworkers and some of the fans upset by the news then.

Demetria Obilor Wikipedia

The anchor, unfortunately, doesn’t have a Wikipedia section at present. Her biography is all over the internet, mostly in wiki-like sites. You may find different data about her from one website to another. According to most of those web pages, the US-based anchor is not afraid to crack dark-humored jokes.

Quick Facts About Demetria Obilor

  • She has an interesting pet name which is Traffic Bae
  • Despite being a TV anchor and reporter, she has a large fanbase
  • Got appreciation from various famous individuals for positive body-shaming response
  • She has three siblings
  • One of her brothers is a popular Instagram fitness trainer
  • Her father is of Nigerian origin where her mother belongs to the white group
  • The host was a reporter of different channels
  • Watching films and traveling are her leisure time activities
  • Among colors, red is her favorite
  • Her favorite holiday is Halloween

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