How to Install a Shower Heater?

How to Install Shower Heater? A big question for homeowners! Primarily, the shower heater is an advanced tankless water heater. It is a new type of water heater in recent time. The shower heater is installed at the point of the showerhead. The device immediately heats the water when it passes through the water line before it falls from the showerhead. Hot water comes out from the shower. The user in a shower controls the temperature. Some heater does not have the facility to control the temperature for a shower. A tremendous amount of energy is saved with a shower heater because it heats the water only that used in the shower. The unit does not heat stored water. Electricians and plumbers install the shower heater. There are some specific techniques to install the unit.

The materials which are needed to install are-

  • Shower heater 
  • Pipe wrench or adjustable pliers
  • Teflon tape
  • Showerhead

Detail installation process

At first, attach the shower heater unit to the pipe in the normal position of the showerhead. You have to use threaded fittings and wrap them up with Teflon tape. The connections are highly secured to the tube by the shower heater. Showerhead fitting is dependent on its size. Pipe and shower head fitting requires a straight nipple. There are also some alternative attachments instead of the nipple. Using the erect nipple is good. The user fits the two different sizes. A pipe wrench, pliers, or sizeable adjustable wrench helps to tighten the connection effectively.

The desired shower head is attached to the shower heater by the user. The homeowner selects the showerhead. Sometimes, the head is also included with the shower heater. You have to allow the water to run through the shower heater for a few seconds or minutes.

The shower heater must be connected to the proper electrical outlet. Manufacturer instructions are a follower in joining with the electrical system, but some shower heaters are plugged directly into the outlet. On the other side, some are connected directly to the junction box of the household wires — circuits well connected with the heater. You have to make sure the circuit meets the requirements of the shower heater according to the position.


Instructions must be studied and followed by the people before attempting to install. There are various brands of shower heaters. Depending upon brand and model, special electrical and plumbing requirements are needed. The owner follows the manufacture’s instructions at the time of installing the shower heater.

Electric shower heater

A shower heater eliminates the need for a hot water tank or hot water storage. They function independently heating cold water. Primarily electrical power is used for heating elements. It is a great idea. Electrical showers are connected to independent electrical circuits for operation. Electrical showers are a better option where there is less availability of gas-heated hot water. Separate channels are sometimes expensive. However, the need results as an expensive project. People do not have the option to lower the cost for independent circuits. Now a day the price is getting minimal for independent electrical connections. The article will guide you to install a shower heater. Necessary steps will provide easy tips about its installation and warnings.

  1. The location was picked for installing the electric shower. It should be near the cold water supply where you can also connect an independent circuit close to the spot.
  2. Owners have to consult an electrician for advice about the size. Independent circuits for the shower installed and electrician ensures adequate electricity. So, the consumer unit is included with the circuit.
  3. The plumber will guide the owner about the building’s or house plumbing system. They will tell if the electric shower will accommodate the building.
  4. Independent circuit installed near the location of an electric shower. It is also connected using fundamental consumer units or earth cables.
  5. Proper wiring is required for the independent circuit to isolation switch. The wire is located above the shower. It will allow the shower to turn off if it is not working.
  6. The electrical cable attached from the isolating switch to the back of the electric shower power unit. Then the wiring process is to be placed.
  7. The electrical installation needs to be tested and inspected by compliance with local electrical standards, regulations, and legislation provided by the government of the area. It ensures safe use and cannot harm a person even a little bit if it gets any fault.
  8. Pipe secured from the cold water main supply to its location where the shower heater has been kept or mounted.
  9. Non-return valve or stop tap is attached to the pipe. It isolates the water supply of the shower from the rest of the building.
  10. The pipe is fitted to the unit using compression system fittings.
  11. The owner mounts the shower unit and shower head to the wall following their requirements.
  12. Independent circuit and water supply are turned on.
  13. In conclusion, the owner checks the electric shower if it is heating the water quickly and efficiently.

Final Touch

In this article we the team of experts trying to tell how to install a shower heater without taking any hassle. Here, we decided to give some details about the installation process of an electric shower heater. So, we hope this article helps you to install your one. There are lots of manufacturers that produce shower heater that is ruling in today’s market. But which one is the best and how easier to install & maintain. Here, we are also trying to give those models process which is lead the shower heater market. So, we hope that this article may be helpful to you.

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