How to Use a Laser Level to Hang Pictures?

However, we will use the laser level for some meticulous jobs besides some severe indoor and outdoor projects. Increasing the beauty of our home results from using a perfect type of laser level. Therefore, the wall decoration can enhance your house’s look and get a gorgeous look. I will show you how to use a laser level to hang pictures. Someone thinks that there is nothing easier than leveling images.

Yes, it’s not a tough job, but if you want to hang your favorite pictures in a perfect place that can change the essence of your room, you need to maintain an ideal angle. Without a laser level to hang pictures, you cannot meet your desire.

Sometimes you will be very stressed to hold a hammer, frame, nails, and pictures in your two hands to mount each frame. But if you have good knowledge about how to use a level to hang pictures, then this job will be effortless for you.

Why Use Leveler for Hanging Pictures


You can get the answer very quickly and do your hanging job comfortably when you have a perfect laser level in your hand.

The laser level is kept on a tripod or the wall, so you can get a free hand to hold a hammer, nails, or other necessary materials to level pictures.

By using the laser level, you can learn how to hang pictures at level with each other and maintain the proper angle at the same time.

A laser level can give you the desired precision for nicely aligning frames on the wall.

Some laser level comes with combinations of other features like- a ruler, a level, sliding stops, a class ll laser, and also a stud finder.

A laser level can mark the hanger location on the desired wall so that when you wish, you can hang the whole row of pictures maintaining the proper size.

Some levelers are used for mounting the objects on the wall at a right angle.

A laser level can range up to 20 feet to pivot it at any angle. And at the right time, it snaps into place at every 45-degree angle.

The sliding markers can contain vertical and horizontal bubble vials. These bubble vials will be locked, allowing you to mark the locations for the studs and the holes.

The stud finder made with a magnet can help you find metal studs and nails by using a perfect laser level.

Without hanging the pictures on the wall, a laser level can do other different types of projects. You can buy a laser level with more than one feature for your needs. Let’s see the features-

  • Self Leveling
  • Ruller
  • Cross Line Mode
  • Class ll Lase
  • Manual mode
  • Stud Finder
  • A level
  • Sliding Stops

How to Use a Laser Level to Hang Pictures on Walls?

Only buying a perfect laser level is not the only task for you; you need to know the use of the laser level and how to hang pictures level with each other. If you don’t have any actual knowledge, go through my article and stay with me.

Most laser levels can reach up to 250 ft depending on your needs, but if you want to hang your picture, then 20 ft is appropriate for you. Here I will discuss all the processes of how to hang pictures at the level.


Step-1 Hang the First Picture Where You Want

First of all, you need to decide where you place your first picture. After that, take the nail, hammer, and also measuring tape. The first, measure the distance from the floor to the wall where you want to keep your frame. After that, you have to write the distance, put the nail, and then hang the picture.

Step-2 Place the Other Pictures Frame on the Same Level

You have already written down the distance of the first picture that you put on the wall. It is pretty hard to measure it manually; I suggest you use a laser level. But how it will be so helpful for you and what kind of laser level do you need to you for this purpose-

  1. If you are self-leveling the laser level, just set up the laser level on a tripod. Just take a pointer to point it on the wall. It will give you an accurate signal.
  2. Without self-leveling laser level, use the laser signals a couple of times to make the direction at a perfect angle.

Step-3 Leveling the Laser

Leave the laser and make sure that it will pass through the mark you have already done. You have to mount the device on the wall with putty or suction cups.

Step-4 Measuring the Distance

After that, calculate the distance from the top of the frame to its hanging zone. Also, measure the distance from the laser down to the location of the hanging spot.

Step- 5 Mark on the Wall

After getting the right point take a calk to mark on the wall. Take a nail and a hammer to put the nail on the wall.

Step- 6 Secure the Frame

Last, secure the picture frame, the nail, and the top of the frame by using the laser level. Do the whole process again and again to hang more pictures.


Tips for Leveling the Pictures

You have to maintain the following tips to measure to hang pictures. These are for your and your family’s safety-

  •  Keep the laser level away from your children of the pet animals because the liquid of the bubble vials may poison them quickly.
  • Wear a safety glass before you look at the signals. It will damage your eye; sometimes, you may get blind.
  • Do not use the laser level to hang the pictures near the kitchen.
  • Wash your hands properly after finishing your job. Because lots of poisonous liquids can, in fact, you.
  • Keep away the laser level direct from the sunlight or water
  • After finishing your job, always turn off the laser level properly.

Using laser levels to hang pictures need lots of effort to a mountain to get the proper alignment to get the gorgeous design you intend to get. In such a kind of job, you need to maintain the actual alignment and accuracy of the job. For this, you have to know the proper measurements, mechanisms, and also about hardware to get the most relevant results. You have great fun when you know and maintain all the processes correctly. If you put your painting on the wall, you need another one who will guide you. So, you can say that it’s a great idea to use a laser level for hanging pictures without facing any trouble. By the way, it can also save you significant time and effort for this outstanding indoor work.

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