Jessica Weaver Biography, Family, Age, Height, & Net Worth

Jessica Weaver is a social media influencer, dating coach and fitness enthusiast. The star is often seen posting inspirational captions with her pictures to encourage people in their life. She has many names which include Jessica Cakes, Bella Honey, and Jlove. The social media celebrity owns a shop named V-apes, that sells vape products. She studied fashion designing earlier.

Everything About Jessica Weaver Lifestyle

Jessica Weaver Nude/Jessica Weaver Nudes

The almost-nude photos of Jessica Weaver are all over the internet. The Instagram influencer is not afraid to share her bare body with the audience. Her nude pictures are not available everywhere. Some adult sites have premium access to private photos of Jessica Weaver. Many erotic websites contain fake nude images of the Instagram sensation as well.

Jessica Weaver Porn/Jessica Weaver Xxx

Most of the porn sites have various media data of Jessica Weaver. It’s because the fitness trainer from California has no hesitation to post half nude images of her. People collect those short videos and pictures to upload on a different pornographic platform. The social media celebrity also make videos in premium erotic sites. Those videos are quite popular among her fans in adult erotic sites.

Jessica Weaver Naked

She is okay with posting naked snapshots of her as long as she gains fame and followers from it. Social accounts of Jessica are filled with her naked photos. She is often seen in swimwear bikini set. Jessica Weaver is following the trend of ‘Naked Bikini’ like other nude models of social platforms similar to Instagram. You will hardly see a single portrait of her where she is not wearing underwire swimsuit.

Jessica Weaver Reddit

For your information, Jessica Weaver is not on Reddit anymore. Yes, not anymore, which means she used to be a part of Reddit. The erotic star had a Reddit page named r/jessicakes33. If you visit the webpage now, you are going to get a notice that the celebrity was banned from the popular community. It’s because the subreddit was not monitored/moderated for inappropriate content.

Jessica Weaver Topless

There is rarely a photograph of Jessica Weaver without being nearly topless. Jessica’s primary source of earning stardom is to keep her followers updated with new topless images and videos. She uploads full topless contents on premium adult forums. The fitness USA model also arranges her topless short footages on private Snapchat.

Jessica Weaver Tits/Jessica Weaver Boobs

It is not a difficult thing to understand that Jessica went through various surgeries to enhance her body shape. One of them is breast enlargement surgery. At present, the measurement of Jessica Weaver’s body is 32D–25–33. The Instagram star uploads teasing videotapes too. She shows her attractive unnatural physique through social media handles like Instagram among a wide range of followers.

Jessica Weaver Family

Though Jessica chose not to share information regarding her family, everybody knows the adult celebrity has a partner called JJ Velasquez. For some specific unknown causes, the woman is confidential about her parents and siblings. It is not possible to let you inform about her family due to zero availability of her family data. The star also rarely posts a portrait with her boyfriend/partner.

Jessica Weaver Instagram

The most favorite place of Jessica Weaver is none other than Instagram. Perhaps this is the reason why Jessica has got two Instagram accounts. It is a matter of big surprise that both of her Instagram handles have more than 9,00,000 followers. One of them is going to reach 8 million follower milestone within a few months for sure. Her ID – jessicakes33

Jessica Weaver Sex

The scandal of Jessica Weaver is yet to take place on the internet database. The fitness model never let a single video of sex get revealed on a site. She is aware of the hectic public situation, probably. As a consequence, Jessica doesn’t provide videos of her physical relationship with a person, not even on any premium adult webpage.

Jessica Weaver Hot

Millions of men follow Jessica Weaver to find her attractive. According to the majority of comments on her social media sites, people are fond of Jessica’s body, although she admits those parts are not natural at all. However, people praise the beauty of the adult sensation. With a weight of 58 kg and 5 feet 4 inches in height, the woman is one of the most appealing female influencers.

Jessica Weaver Wiki

Wikipedia is yet to dedicate a particular page for the famous Instagram model Jessica Weaver. The reason is, people who have influence mostly on the society or media get a wiki page. No one can deny the star has a large fanbase. However, she didn’t take part in a single movie or tv series as of now. You can, of course, find details about Jessica on numerous websites that work as an alternative for Wikipedia.

Jessica Weaver Age

Jessica Weaver, an American erotic model, was born on 11 November 1987. The physique trainer and model is going to turn 32 within two months. You have to admit the celebrity is still able to keep a healthy body, thanks to some of her bizarre body implants.

Jessica Weaver Tattoos

The American-Danish-German fitness model is fond of artistic tattoos. You are going to notice ornamental linework in her tattoos. Moreover, aesthetic elements like mandala, owl, sun, and flower are present as tattoos on her body. She used her left hand to give the artwork a perfect placement in the body.

Jessica Weaver Youtube

Similar to Instagram, Jessica Weaver created two channels on YouTube. Both of the channels are not sufficiently active. She offered dating tips and life lessons on her YouTube platform, mainly. One is titled JloveTalk, where another one is called Jessica cakes.

Jessica Weaver Net Worth

There is barely a reliable data on the net worth of the Instagram dating assistant. She earns most of her income from adult sites and through modeling for magazines. Her net worth should be around 300,000 USD.

Jessica Weaver Surgery

Jessica acknowledges frankly about her body surgery to make it a perfect one. She has done breast augmentation and buttock enhancement.

Quick Facts About Jessica Weaver

  • Has an impressive net worth of up to 300,000 USD
  • Studied merchandising and fashion designing earlier
  • Her love mate JJ Velasquez is a professional photographer
  • In an open relationship but never announced anything about marital status
  • Raised by her father and mother
  • Never revealed anything about her siblings
  • Is of the Caucasian race
  • Gone through several body enhancement procedures

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