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Michael Eklund is a famous actor from Canada. The actor also produced many shows. He is considered to be one of the most versatile actors in the movie industry of America. Before taking part in a TV/movie role, he would disappear for a while to match his appearance to the character. Basket of Michael Eklund is filled with several significant awards that he gained through marvelous acting in TV programs and films. The guy still has a connection with the media and already acting in various pictures.

Everything About Michael Eklund

Megan Bennett Michael Eklund

On 28 June 2003, Michael married another media individual named Megan Bennet who is a not-so-popular actress. From the IMDb database, you will know that Megan was involved in a few films. These movies are respectively The Water Game (2002) as Nubile Grad, The Final Experiment (2005) as Hippie Chick and Scenes from the Movies (2011) as a Teenager. She never played one of the vital roles. In 2005, her husband Michael was in the cast list of The Final Experiment film. They divorced in 2011, but the reason is still unknown.

Michael Eklund Dirk Gently

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency was a famous and well-rated action-adventure comedy TV series created for BBC America and Netflix. The show is about the investigation of detective Dirk Gently in many criminal cases that include supernatural elements too. Michael Eklund played the significant role of Martin in the TV program. He had to alter his physical appearance and outfit to fit the task which he did quite well. His portrayal of Martin was widely appreciated and praised because of his acting talent.

Michael Eklund Age

In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the well known talented Canadian actor, came to the world on 31 July 1962. Michael is 57 years old. There are several birth date concepts of him. This one seems to be the most reliable date of birth of him. From an early age, he wanted to take part in media materials as her mother used to watch films with him. Michael acted in the theatre of his school. In Alberta College, he studied painting but didn’t complete the degree. Michael Eklund was intrigued toward acting.

Michael Eklund Wife

Michael Eklund married two women in his entire life. At present, none of them is living with the Canadian actor. In 1993, Michael wedded Erin MacGilvray. She never did any activity on the media. Therefore information regarding the first wife of Mr. Eklund is not available. They left each other to choose their method of living in 2002. After one year, Michael Eklund wedded Megan Bennett, an actress. The couple separated in 2011.

Michael Eklund Movies

He was not over five years old when his mother visited a cinema alongside Michael to watch a film. His interest in taking part in media industry kept growing since then. Mr. Eklund was part of several school dramas. He tried to get roles after arriving in Vancouver. Eventually, the actor succeeded to have the chance to portray a character in Dark Angel show.

Notable Films: Blackwoods (2001), House of the Dead (2003), Painkiller Jane (2005), Alice, I Think (2006), Walk All Over Me (2007), The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009), The Final Storm (2010), The Divide (2011), Tactical Force (2011), Pressed (2011), The Day (2011), Errors of the Human Body (2012), The Call (2013), The Marine 3: Homefront (2013), Nurse 3D (2013), Three Days in Havana (2013), Assault on Wall Street (2013), See No Evil 2 (2014), Poker Night (2014), Mr. Right (2015), Vendetta (2015), Lower Bay (2015), Eadweard (2015), The Confirmation (2016), Into the Forest (2016), Chokeslam (2017), The Sound (2017) and The Package (2018).

Notable TV Shows: Smallville (2001 and 2007), Intelligence (2005-2007), Blood Ties (2007), Supernatural (2009), Fringe (2010), Arrow (2003), Almost Human (2014), Gotham (2015), Wynonna Earp [2016-present (September 2019)], Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (2016–2017), The Twilight Zone (2019) and so on.

Michael Eklund Wynonna Earp

The Canadian sensation is on the cast list of a famous action-fantasy TV series titled Wynonna Earp. As of September 2019, he is still in the show. Michael Eklund is playing the role of Bobo Del Rey, one of the lead antagonists on the program. He is undoubtedly doing justice to his responsibility for the significant role. As a result, Wynonna Earp earned 7.4 IMDb user and critic rating. It also achieved vital awards like AMPIA Awards for Best Dramatic Series.

Michael Eklund IMDb

Like most of the celebrities, Michael Eklund owns a particular IMDb page. You can find his filmography data from the database of films. One of his most successful movies is The Call, a drama horror genre movie. Eklund was awarded Eerie Horror Fest Best Actor for his impressive performance in The Entrance (2006). The actor achieved Fantastic Fest Best Actor award for Errors of the Human Body (2012) as well.

Michael Eklund Instagram

The horror genre actor is available almost in every well known social media platform. One of them is Instagram, where he has an account named Michael Eklund (@michaelseklund). More than 30,000 fans and critics follow the Canadian celebrity. He is super active on the platform and posts daily updates.

Michael Eklund Net Worth

The celebrity has already done several film projects in 2019. His movie Cold Pursuit gained an average rating from critics and is a hit of 2019. Michael is also portraying a significant TV role in Wynonna Earp. The actor has an appearance on another 2019 TV show called The Twilight Zone. With so many movie and TV show projects in hand, the net worth of Michael Eklund is around $1.3 million.

Quick Facts About Michael Eklund

  • He had the chance to share a screen with the legendary actor Al Pacino
  • Michael has countless guest appearances on movies and tv shows
  • He was part of the leading cast of a series called Terminal City alongside Gil Bellows
  • His zodiac sign is Leo
  • Michael also has a middle name which is Scott
  • There is a rumor that the actor is Cree (first nation) ancestry
  • He left college to his goal of getting into acting
  • Some of his friends and family members call him Mikey
  • His descent is Swedish
  • Michael Eklund can portray creepy characters perfectly

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